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Starting in version 9.2.1 Brighter now supports Open Telemetry Tracing

Configuring Open Telemetry

The OpenTelemetry SDK can be configured to listen to Activities inside of Brighter for more information OpenTelemetry Tracing
The below code will
  • Enable OpenTelemetry tracing
  • Set the service name to "ProducerService"
  • Set OpenTelemetry traving to listen to all Brighter and Microsoft sources
  • Export the telemetry tracts to Jaeger
//The name of the service
const myServiceName = "ProducerService"
var jaegerEndpoint = new Uri("http://localhost:9411/api/v2/spans");
using var tracerProvider =
.AddSource("Paramore.*", "Microsoft.*")
.AddJaegerExporter(o =>
o.Endpoint = jaegerEndpoint;

Activity Sources

The activity sources that Brighter emits from are:
  • Paramore.Brighter - Traces started in the Command Processor will be given this (Including Outbox Sweeper)
  • Paramore.Brighter.ServiceActivator - Traces Started in the Service Activator
Please note that Brighter will honor existing spans, i.e. When using ASPNet a Request will start a trace, it is for this reason that the sample above also includes "Microsft.*" as Bighter will participate in an active trace.
Distributed Trace
This distributed traces shows a message that is produced from an ASP.Net request and the consumed by Service Activator

Reported Events

At this time Brighter records the following events
Add message to outbox
When a message is added to the outbox
Get outstanding messages from the outbox
During an implicit clear when retrieving undispatched messages from the outbox
Dispatching message
When a message is being dispatched to a message transport
Bulk dispatching messages
When a batch of messages are being dispathced to a message transport