Documentation for the Brighter and Darker projects.


The documentation can be used as is, by cloning this repository and viewing the markdown files.

GitHub Organization

The markdown files in the source are organized by version. We support two versions at any time.


  • shared: Markdown files that work with all versions

  • N: Markdown files that are specific to a version


  • N: Markdown file for a version (merges \source\shared && \source\N)

Building the Documentation

We use the Rewind tool to build \contents from \source. See the README for more information on how to build the documentation, in particular how the .toc.yaml file works.

Typically, you can build the documentation by running the following command at the root:

bin/Rewind makebook source .



For convenience the documentation is made available via GitBook.

GitBook uses the pages from \contents



  • Version Info

Page Group

  • Documentation File

  • Documentation File

... More Groups


  • Version Info

How to Use

In the table of contents, the first page group for the documents belonging to a version will be "VERSION N" where N is the version number. That page group has one entry only, a version header. This holds metadata about the version.

Page groups that follow are documentation specific to that version.

The page groups for that version are terminated by a page group "END OF VERSION N" where N is the version number. That page group has one entry only, a version footer. This holds metadata about the version.

Always ensure that you are in the correct part of the documentation for the version that you are working with.

GitBook Limitations

GitBook's table of contents is a series of page groups grouped by header (level is ignored). There are limitations to how we can organize this. For this reason the best we can do is to "bracket" a version with version page groups.

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