Health Checks

Brighter provides an AspNet Core Health check for Service Activator

Configure Health Checks

The below will configure ASP.Net Core Health checks for Brighter's Service Activator, for more information on ASP.NET Core Health Check

// Web Application Builder code goes here

    .AddCheck<BrighterServiceActivatorHealthCheck>("Brighter", HealthStatus.Unhealthy);

var  app = builder.Build();

app.UseEndpoints(endpoints =>
    endpoints.MapHealthChecks("/health/detail", new HealthCheckOptions
        ResponseWriter = async (context, report) =>
            var content = new
                Status = report.Status.ToString(),
                Results = report.Entries.ToDictionary(e => e.Key,
                    e => new
                        Status = e.Value.Status.ToString(),
                        Description = e.Value.Description,
                        Duration = e.Value.Duration
                TotalDuration = report.TotalDuration

            context.Response.ContentType = "application/json";
            await context.Response.WriteAsync(JsonSerializer.Serialize(content, JsonSerialisationOptions.Options));


The /health endpoing will return a Status 200 with the Body of the Health status (i.e. Healthy)

The /health/detail endpoint will return a detailed response with all of your information for example:

  "status": "Healthy",
  "results": {
    "Brighter": {
      "status": "Healthy",
      "description": "21 healthy consumers.",
      "duration": "00:00:00.0000132"
  "totalDuration": "00:00:00.0029747"

Health Status

The following will be produced


All Message Pumps are running


Some Message Pumps are running


No Message Pumps are running


In the event on a Degraded status the /health/details page can be used to find out which Dispatchers have failed pumps

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